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An intervention program to support soldiers using EAL (Equine Assisted Learning)


Means of approaching the army:

  1. Meeting relevant army personal interested in an intervention program in one of the following centers: E&D cENTER IN Moshav Aviel, "Fountain of youth": ranch in Mashabei Sade junction. 

  2. ​Becoming acquainted with the center the therapists and personelle.

  3. Experiencing EAl.

  4.  Locating 5-12 soldiers by the relevant bases who are able to commit to 6 meetings with an option for 6 further sessions.

    Applying the program – the program is divided in to 6 sessions of 2 hours each. At each session there will be interaction between the soldiers and the horses according to the decisions of the treatment team which relate to the needs of the participants and those who referred them.

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