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An intervention program to support soldiers using EAL (Equine Assisted Learning)


The team

Vered sokol shamir – Art therapist, (MA), integrative psychotherapist, working with families and adults (AEDP). Experienced with mental health specializing in trauma. Certified in equine psychotherapy in EAGALA method. Private practice in Oranit.

Daphna shwartz – has developed the method "Horses Lead to Change", M.Ed in education studies, AAT (Animal Assisted Therapist), personal coach, group facilitator, horse riding instructor, certified  in EAGALA method, and special certification in organization leadership training with the aid of horses in Texas.

Itzik Horvits – graduate of Wingate therapeutic riding instructor, western riding instructor course, graduate of EAL in "Horses Leading Change", organization group facilitator, horse training course.

Neta Shwartz – project coordinator for "horse leading change", BSW in social work, experience with mental health, and Casualty Officer in the army service.

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